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Interviews with individuals creating positive change. For seven years (2006-2013), Britt Bravo interviewed over 70 people with big visions for a better world.
Cupcakes, Veganism and Fundraising: Fat Bottom Bakery and the East Bay Vegan Bakesale

Ashley Rowe and Carolynn Webb are the owners of the Fat Bottom Bakery and co-creators of the East Bay Vegan Bakesale.  In January, they raised $2200 at the first East Bay Vegan Bakesale for a school gardening program and Bad Rap Pit Bull Rescue.  The next East Bay Vegan Bakesale is in Oakland, CA on March 20, 2010.  You can find a vegan bakesale near you at

You can read a transcript on my blog, Have Fun Do Good.

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