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Apr 10, 2012

Deanna Zandt is a media technologist and the author of Share This! How You Will Change the World with Social Networking. She is a consultant to progressive media and advocacy organizations. Her clients have included The Ford Foundation, The Daily Beast/Newsweek, and Jim Hightower's Hightower Lowdown.  She is a Research Fellow at the Center for Social Media at American University.  Deanna specializes in social media, is a leading expert in women and technology, and is a frequent guest on CNN International, BBC Radio, Fox News and more.  She works with groups to create and implement effective web strategies toward organizational goals of civic engagement and empowerment, and uses her background in linguistics, advertising, telecommunications and finance to complement her technical expertise. You can learn more about her work at and follow her on Twitter at @randomdeanna.

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Links to some of the campaigns, articles and tools Deanna mentioned:

Planned Parenthood Saved Me
#DearJohn: For When Boehner Decides Your Rape Just Wasn't Enough on Tiger Beatdown
Susan G. Komen's Priceless Gift by Rebecca Traiser and Joan Walsh on
Row Feeder
Kony 2012
Invisible People
Aid and Abet

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