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Interviews with individuals creating positive change. For seven years (2006-2013), Britt Bravo interviewed over 70 people with big visions for a better world.
An Interview with Melinda Kramer of Women's Global Green Action Network Melinda Kramer is the co-founder of Women's Global Green Action Network(WGGAN).  WGGAN cultivates global partnerships of grassroots women environmental leaders by providing access to communication tools, support services and networking capabilities. 

Working with organizations like Pacific Environment, the PIRGs, the Sierra Club, CARE Kenya
, and the St. Louis Lead Prevention Coalition, Melinda has been involved in multi-stakeholderwork, coalition-building, campaign-organizing, legal assistance and capacity building.

A transcript of this interview is available on my blog, Have Fun * Do Good.

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An Interview with Ingrid Severson of Bay Localize Ingrid Severson is the Lead Organizer of the Rooftop Resources Project, a project of Bay Localize. The Rooftop Resources project is researching the applicability and benefits of green roofs, rainwater catchment and solar power in in the Bay Area.

Ingrid gained experience in the environmental field at San Francisco State University, New College of California, and an intensive permaculture design course. She has worked with Sonoma County Conservation Action, the Sierra Club Bay Chapter, and a video production group that promotes environmental awareness and education.

A transcript of the interview is available on my blog, Have Fun * Do Good.
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An Interview with Jessica Jackley Flannery of Kiva Jessica Jackley Flannery is the co-founder and a board member of Kiva, a nonprofit that is using the Internet to connect people through loans to alleviate global poverty.  Jessica has worked in rural Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda with the Village Enterprise Fund and Project Baobab on impact evaluation and program development. Earlier, Jessica spent three years in the Stanford Business School's Center for Social Innovation and Public Management Program, where she helped launch the inaugural Global Philanthropy Forum. Jessica is currently pursuing an MBA at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

A transcript of the interview is available on my blog Have Fun * Do Good.

You can watch a documentary about Kiva on FRONTLINE World on Tuesday, October 31,2006, or on the FRONTLINE World web site via streaming video a few days after the broadcast.

You can view a brief preview of the October 31st show on Google video.

Full disclosure: I'm friends with the Editor for FRONTLINE World, David Ritsher.
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An Interview with Jonah Sachs of Free Range Studios Jonah Sachs is the Principal of Free Range Studios, an advertising and marketing firm with offices in Washington DC and Berkeley, CA that specializes in nonprofits and socially responsible businesses.  His company created the award-winning film, The Meatrix, about factory farms, and the hilarious film, Store Wars, about the importance of organic farming.

You can read a transcript of this interview on my blog, Have Fun * Do Good.

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An Interview with Lisa Russ of the Movement Strategy Center* Lisa Russ is the Associate Director of the Movement Strategy Center.   The Movement Strategy Center is a nonprofit organization that is committed to advancing the next generation of leaders for a sustainable progressive movement.  Lisa talks about the joys and challenges of being a mom in the movement.

You can read a transcript of this interview on my blog, Have Fun * Do Good.
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An Interview with Nola Brantley of the George P. Scotlan Youth Program Nola Brantley is the Parenting and Youth Enrichment Director, and the Coordinator of the Sexually Abused and Commercially Exploited Youth  Program at the George P. Scotlan Youth Program in West Oakland.

According to Nola, not only is the sexual exploitation of minors increasing, "the young ladies are getting more savvy because some of them, who went in at 14, are now 16 or 17.  They're recruiting 12 or 13 year olds. . . . We have girls that come from out of state to prostitute in Oakland who are under 18 and I've asked them, 'Well, how did you end up in Oakland?' They say, 'Don't you know that everywhere else, coming to Oakland to do your thing is a big thing?'"

One of the many aspects of Nola's job is to be an advocate for young girls who are arrested for prostitution and she is often called upon to use her expertise in the field of sexually exploited minors to train clinicians and case managers in Oakland and the surrounding counties.

You can read a transcript of this interview on my blog, Have Fun * Do Good.
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An Interview with Anna Lappe of Grub & the Small Planet Institute If you've been listening to the last seven shows, they were all recorded between February and June 2006 and originally hosted on Gcast.  Now I'm done with the transfer of old interviews and we're on to the new!

I'm thrilled to have had an opportunity to interview Anna Lappe, the co-author of Grub: Ideas for an Urban Organic Kitchen with Bryant Terry, and co-author of Hope's Edge with her mother Frances Moore Lappe.  Anna is also a co-founder, with her mother, of the Small Planet Fund, and a founding principal of the Small Planet Institute, based in Cambridge Massachusetts.

You can read a transcript of this interview on my blog, Have Fun * Do Good.
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An Interview with Steve Williams of POWER Steve Williams is the Executive Director and co-founder of POWER: People Organized to Win Employment Rights on the Big Vision Podcast. Steve also happens to be engaged to Mei-ying Ho (:

You can read a transcript of this  podcast on my blog, Have Fun * Do Good.
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An Interview with Ilyse Hogue of When I interviewed Ilyse Hogue back in June, she was still the Global Finance Campaign Director for the Rainforest Action Network, but now she is the Campaigns Director for

You can read a transcript of this interview on my blog, Have Fun * Do Good.
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An Interview with Abby Rosenheck of Urban Sprouts Abby Rosenheck (actually, she is Abby Jaramillo now) is the founder and Executive Director of Urban Sprouts, a school gardening program in San Francisco.

You can read a transcript of this interview on my blog, Have Fun * Do Good.
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