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Interviews with individuals creating positive change. For seven years (2006-2013), Britt Bravo interviewed over 70 people with big visions for a better world.
Dancing for Peace: Interview with Sara Potler

Sara Potler is the Founder and CEO of Dance 4 Peace.  Dance 4 Peace is a conflict resolution, civic education program that promotes empathy, understanding, mediation skills, anger management, and emotional and civic engagement through dance in youth around the world.  Dance 4 Peace began in Bogota, Colombia as part of Sara's Fulbright Scholarship project in 2007. In conjunction with Aulas en Paz (Peaceable Classrooms), a multi-component pedagogical project designed to promote social and civic competencies and conflict resolution among primary-school students, Dance 4 Peace was designed, implemented, and evaluted in public schools in the outskirts of Bogota.  Today, the program works in Washington, D.C., New York City, Colombia, the Philippines, and Nepal.

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    Arts Activist Naomi Natale and The One Million Bones Project

    Naomi Natale is the founding artist behind One Million Bones. Both an installation artist and photographer, Naomi was the founder and director of The Cradle Project, a large scale installation calling attention and raising funds for the 48 million children orphaned in Sub-Saharan Africa. Over 550 cradles were created and donated by artists around the world. Naomi has served as an artist-in-residence at Columbia College Chicago in 2008, 2010 and 2011.  She speaks internationally on the topics of art and activism as well as her installation works.  She is currently both a TED Senior Fellow and Carl Wilkens Fellow, respectively.

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    Music: "Mango Delight," by Kenya Masala.  Connect with Kenya through CD Baby and Source Consulting Group.

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    Gabriela Masala: How to Organize Have Fun Do Good Flash Mobs

    Gabriela Masala is the Founder of the One Love Alliance.  The One Love Alliance creates visionary arts community flash mob events that are both transformative and entertaining, and are fueled by the values of unity, playfulness, creativity and love.  Gabriela is the creator of the Inner Wealth Deck, and is a choreographer, dancer, intuitive consultant, retreat leader, and mom.  She's also the wife of Kenya Masala, whose song, "Mango Delight," I use for the intro and outro of this show.

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    Father's Day Show: My Dad, Tom Aageson, Co-Founder, Global Center for Cultural Entrepreneurship

    This month's show is a specai Father's Day edition featuring an interview with my, Dad, Tom Aageson, the co-Founder of the Global Center for Cultural Entrepreneurship.  In addition to being the co-Founder of the Global Center, he is also the Executive Director of the Museum of New Mexico Foundation. Since coming to Santa Fe, he has developed New Mexico Creates, an economic development initiative that creates market links for New Mexico artists and artisans.  He is also the co-Founder of the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market.

    Before moving to Santa Fe, he was the Director of Aid to Artisans, an international artisan enterprise development NGO.  Previous to that, he was at the Mystic Seaport Museum where he created the Mystic Maritime Gallery, which led to the opening of new markets for martime artists, and eventually spawned six for-profit gallery enterprises across the US.

    A transcript is available on my blog, Have Fun, Do Good.

    Music: "Mango Delight," by Kenya Masala, and "Bricks" by Crowsong.

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    Empowering Women Artisans: Rebecca Kousky, Founder of Nest

    Rebecca Kousky is the Executive Director and Founder of Nest, a nonprofit organization that empowers female artists around the world using a unique combination of interest-free microfinance loans, mentoring from established designers, as well as a market in which to sell their crafts. 

    You can learn more about Nest at

    A transcript is available on my blog, Have Fun Do Good.

    Music credits: "Mango Delight," by Kenya Masala.  "In the Quiet," by Olivia Greer on 4 Songs.

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    Favianna Rodriguez: Political Digital Artist and Printmaker Favianna Rodriguez is a political digital artist and printmaker based in Oakland, California.    She is the co-founder of the EastSide Arts Alliance (ESAA) and Visual Element, programs dedicated to training emerging artists. She is also the co-founder and president of Tumis, a bilingual design studio serving social justice organizations.  Utne Reader named Favianna one of their 2008, “50 Visionaries Who Are Changing Your World,” and she recently received a Sisters of Fire Award from the Women of Color Resource Center.  For more information about Favianna and her work, go to

    You can read a transcript of this interview on my blog, Have Fun * Do Good.
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    Shalini Kantayya is a filmmaker, educator, and activist who uses film/video as a tool to educate, inspire, and empower audiences. Shalini believes in making films that spark positive social change. The mission of her production company, 7th Empire Media, is to bring a professional voice to the unheard through media. Shalini finished in the top 10 out of 12,000 filmmakers on FOX’s ON THE LOT, a reality show by Steven Spielberg and Mark Burnett, in search of Hollywood’s next great director. You can see a trailer from her film, A Drop of Life, at

    You can read a transcript of this interview on Have Fun * Do Good.
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    Writing for Change Conference: An Interview with Elizabeth Pomada Elizabeth Pomada is a literary agent who co-founded the Writing for Change Conference and the San Francisco Writers Conference with her husband, Michael Larsen.  Together, they started Michael Larsen - Elizabeth Pomada Literary Agents in 1972.

    She talks about the Writing for Change Conference and tips for writers who want to write for change.

    You can read a transcript of this interview on my blog, Have Fun * Do Good.
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